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LEARN KM Step 4: Integration and Setup of Knowledge Retention Process...

Step 4: Integration and Setup of Knowledge Retention Process as a firm component of added value in your Organization.

One should take care that knowledge retention process must be so defined that it functions permanently and adds value continuously. The values generated over a period of time, have to be integrated again in the process. In the beginning, it generates and selects new critical knowledge in important business processes or knowledge areas. That knowledge is then captured (e.g. through experts, project team, interviewer or knowledge manager) and prepared according to the structure of the knowledge documents. Once the knowledge documents are approved by the management or approver, they are stored again in the next structured process with the help of powerDOCUMENTS. Other users / employees have thus access to these. You should define the specific points in a business process where the stored knowledge can be fed back to derive benefit out of it.


Six Steps to successful "Sharing and Retention" of Knowledge using powerDOCUMENTS
Step 5: Customizing powerDOCUMENTS in a hierarchical tree structure, creating knowledge documents and laying down the rules for "Knowledge Retention Process" with its role models.

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